100 Wedding Captions For Instagram

How do you post wedding pictures on Instagram with the best caption ever?

A wedding caption is a brief line or phrase that is used to go with a picture or video that has been put on social media, especially Instagram and is related to weddings or other similar events. 

Wedding captions are usually used to add a personal touch, describe how the moment made you feel, or give the picture some background. The words “just married,” “I do,” “forever and always,” or “tying the knot” are frequently used in them.

Couples, their friends, and their families can use unique wedding captions to share their memorable days with others. They may be humorous, sappy, sentimental, or merely educational. They frequently feature information such as the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, the venue, or the wedding’s theme.

Some individuals use wedding captioning to share a sentimental message or cherished memory, whereas others utilize them to express a quote or song lyrics that have special importance for the pair.

In addition, hashtags like #JustMarried, #WeddingBells, #TieTheKnot, and location-based hashtags can be included in captions to boost the likelihood that people will notice your post and aid in the memory-keeping process.

Additionally, you can add a personalized touch by including a joke or some lyrics that have special meaning for both you and your lover. It should show what you think and what you like in a way that makes sense to your audience.

You can also use wedding-related hashtags like #JustMarried and #TieTheKnot, as well as destination-specific hashtags like #CityHallWedding and #BeachWedding.

Best Instagram captions for wedding vibes

  1. Always and ever.
  2. Really, deeply, and crazily in love
  3. This is the beginning of our happily ever after.
  4. The love of my life and my best friend
  5. permanently stating “I do.”
  6. Today marks the beginning of the years left in our lives.
  7. I am looking forward to creating lifelong memories with you.
  8. I will always love you.”
  9. I’m grateful and blessed to have found my soul mate.
  10. Today I married my best friend
  11. The beginning of a beautiful journey together
  12. I will never stop choosing you.
  13. Today is the beginning of forever
  14. Creating memories and constructing our eternity one day at a time.
  15. “I” say “yes” to my best friend, my partner, and my love.
  16. A love that endures forever
  17. We found our here and now and forever
  18. When I first met you, my forever started.
  19. I made the best decision of my life when I married you.
  20. Get married in the Golden State,
  21. Elope in the Golden State,
  22. Southern love endures forever.
  23. “Happily ever after” occurred in the presence of a stunning sunset.
  24. Southern aspirations are materializing because of our eternal beginning.
  25. Vows were exchanged with the ocean as a backdrop.
  26. We are committing to one another here in the land of eternal summer.
  27. Forever starts now in the beautiful Golden State
  28. A bond as strong as Texas, so to speak.
  29. The best day to start our forever in Florida
  30. Under the American sky, we are “united in two hearts.”
  31. Our relationship began in California 
  32. Eternally in love in the Golden State
  33. A dream realized in the land of limitless opportunity
  34. California, the place where our hearts are.
  35. Coastline promises “a lifetime of bliss.” 
  36. On the gorgeous Shore, bound in love
  37. Started building our future in the land of opportunity
  38.  Saying our vows in the land of the sun, the sea, and love.
  39. The Golden State of Love 
  40. In the land of lush vegetation and seaside breeze, 
  41. Always in love and care
  42. In America, we are “United in Love.”
  43. Getting hitched in the land of the free and the brave
  44. Declaring “I do” in the land of opportunity
  45. Forever and begins here in the beautiful USA
  46. a love that is unwavering from coast to coast
  47. jointly as partners and as Americans
  48. A love as strong as the attitude of the American
  49. Happily ever after in the most beautiful country on Earth
  50. Kissing to bind our love in the land of freedom
  51. America’s great day for the start of our forever
  52. Two hearts were joined together “under the stars and stripes”
  53. Our love story begins in the United States.
  54. “Eternally in love” in the most beautiful nation on earth
  55. America, this is the condition of our hearts
  56. On the breathtaking American countryside, “together in love”
  57. A lifetime of joy in the United States
  58. “The land of democracy and freedom” is where we take our oaths.
  59. Starting our eternal journey at the place where American dreams are realized
  60. An expression of love was made in the world  today
  61. Two lines from a classic love story are “Getting married to the love of my life” and “Together eternally, hand in hand.”
  62. Committing to the person who completes me by saying “I do.”
  63. Forever continues now that you’re by my side.
  64.  Destiny bound us, passion made it eternal.”
  65. A love that knows no bounds 
  66.  Happily ever after with my sweetheart
  67. We’re “protecting our love with a kiss, under the stars,”
  68. A love that is beyond all the world.
  69. An amazing start to our eternal relationship
  70. We are “two souls beating as one”
  71. Forever in love with my spouse, my best friend.
  72. An everlasting love
  73. Continually achieving happiness together
  74. Now that we’ve “commenced our eternally, together” 
  75. A pledge of love, everlastingly and always
  76. We can spend the entirety of the time we have left together.
  77. It matched the first time I swiped.
  78. I’m taking on his last name because I fell in love with him.
  79. You are the source of all my smiles. 
  80. To show how much he liked it, he put a ring on it.
  81. simply married!
  82. You need only love.
  83. You have my eternal love.
  84. I concur; we did.
  85. It’s beneficial to be with others.
  86. Get hitched, eat a feast, and drink.
  87. Man, it just became serious.
  88. Today is the start of happy endings.
  89. Seriously, I’m willing to ride or die for you.
  90. Hello, my lobster.
  91. Permanently hitched!
  92. Everything is due to the love between two people.
  93. We moved forward.
  94. It’s a blessing that I adore my best friend.
  95. You are the butter in my chocolate jam.
  96. You’re lucky you’re trapped with me forever!
  97. Do we appear married in these clothes?
  98. Realizing I didn’t really have to plan my wedding was my favorite aspect of the entire experience.
  99. My last name is changing, so break out the champagne!
  100. It won’t be a regal wedding, but it will work.


The months leading up to weddings require extensive planning and careful execution. One of the most significant events in a person’s life is their wedding, which they want to immortalize in images. However, what good is a wedding picture without a creative caption? 

Wedding photos require descriptions that will vividly convey the feelings captured in the images. They require well-considered subtitles that can deepen the sentiment and significance of the images. So, if it’s hard for you to come up with good captions for your wedding photos, we’ve made it easier.