How To Flirt With A Guy Without Being Obvious

How do you secretly flirt with a guy? We would in this article, show you how to flirt without getting noticed or feeling awkward even if you intend to flirt with a guy face to face.

Interacting with others in a way that conveys romantic or sexual interest is known as “flirting.” It can be a fun, lighthearted way to get to know someone and maybe even start a romantic relationship.

Flirting can be done in a variety of ways, and what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Some people use jokes or compliments to communicate, while others focus more on nonverbal cues like eye contact, a smile, or fiddling with their hair. 

There are instances when flirtation may be subtle, and other times it may be more overt. It’s crucial to keep in mind that flirtation should always be reciprocal and voluntary. Only approach someone to flirt with them if they are receptive and willing to do so.

Everybody has the right to set their own limits, and if someone chooses not to flirt with you, you should always accept that choice. Furthermore, flirting is not always done with emotional or erot*c intent and can take many different forms. 

Making new friends, developing professional connections, or brightening someone’s day are all possible uses. There are several articles available to help if you’re seeking to understand how to flirt more skillfully. You can attend workshops, view videos, or study books or articles that discuss the subject. 

The most significant fact is to be genuine and to enjoy yourself. It might be difficult to flirt with someone without coming off as blatant, but it can be a terrific way to let them know you’re interested in them.

1. Start it off slowly.

You don’t want to come off as overly eager to start dating. So start out slowly. It’s fine to send a few messages here and there. In case there hasn’t been any ice-breaking between you two yet, try not to overdo it.

2. You randomly text him

You can flirt with a guy without being obvious over text. This is a wonderful trick if you are having trouble starting a conversation because it allows you to flirt without coming across as too overt. For example, you could send him an SMS that says, “The weekend schedule works great for me.” Just call Jane and ask!

You can send the next one a few minutes later. Oh no, that’s the incorrect message. You can start a discussion with him even if you don’t indicate that you intend to do so.

3. Compliment. him.

As long as she concentrates on his PG characteristics, a woman complimenting a man on something she finds appealing is really sexy without being overly provocative. “Complimenting a guy is a terrific way to flirt without ceding your power.” “When you give a compliment, it demonstrates that you are self-assured sufficiently to help someone else feel good.” 

4. Smile

Any girl can do it because it is simple and effective. The simplest method to flirt is to smile, according to Lieberman. You don’t need to plan for it beforehand, and it will undoubtedly make you appear much prettier. A smile also has the benefit of being non-committal. You can be teasing him or thinking back to a funny thing someone said to you earlier.

5. Display creativity

It is ineffective to text a guy and say, “Hey, what’s up.” Furthermore, talking about your family issues won’t help you two connect. Use your imagination. Try something out-of-the-ordinary that will make him smile and keep you on his mind all day.

6. Don’t provide all the answers

According to advice number 1, go slowly. Even if there is a spark between you, you should move slowly and leave some things up in the air. You are not required to answer each question he poses. Make it somewhat enigmatic for him.

7. Laugh a Little

Men enjoy humor, and when it emanates from their crush, they enjoy it even more. Make him smile with some light comedy. Something unique—not that you are required to send jokes all day. Something involving the two of you. You could use something along the lines of “Today I had a ton of things to do.” Would you kindly assist me, as all I can think of right now is you?

8. Use emojis to your advantage.

What if you are unable to interact with him using body language?

Even if you don’t write much, a wink and a happy emoji can add a lot of extra significance to your message.

9. Save certain decisions until later.

Texts that are intended to be flirtatious must be brief and nice. And they are not required to remain all day. Sending a few hints to keep your partner intrigued is a smart idea, but it’s essential to save some things for the next time as well.

10. Learn more about his passions

Without even asking, you can already learn a lot about someone thanks to social media. However, if you are courting with one individual in particular, use this knowledge to strike up a conversation. Learn more about his passions. His preferred pursuits. And the potential of collaborating on it could be the next step. Maybe?

11. Show off yourself

However, it’s not always about him, even while you are attempting to connect with him online. Make a show of yourself. Put on your silly face. Show him a little of what it’s like to be with you in reality.

12. Get along with him

First and foremost To start your journey, you will need to be his friend. Invite him over for a group hangout—that would be a wonderful place to start. He won’t feel uncomfortable, and you will both advance.

There are a number of additional ways to contact him if the two of you are not in the same class.

13. Get a respectable intro

At a friend’s party, you have finally been able to get him to attend. You now need a good introduction. (This is a subliminal signal that you are available.) Guys are adept at detecting signals. So you may be sure that your efforts will be appreciated.

14. Engage him

It could be a great idea to invite him over for a drink or a dance. However, it might only be effective if you already know each other and have broken the ice. “Contain your excitement” if you were going to invite him over for a dance and he really showed up.

15. Keep the meetings brief and to the point.

Once he arrives, there will undoubtedly be weekend get-togethers and some pre-date hangouts. However, it is recommended to keep such sessions brief and to the point.


Fortunately, you can draw men to you without ever speaking to them! Put on clothes, cosmetics, and a haircut that makes you feel comfortable to catch their attention. After that, use your body language to let guys know you’re open to being approached. 

Even when you’re on both sides of the room, you can use physical contact to connect with him. Maintain eye contact with him for a few seconds, then let it go. Keep a seductive or flirtatious grin on your face as you slowly raise your eyes to once more meet his. Finally, use subtle behaviors to entice them toward you.