Where To Find Certified Relationship Coach

Anyone can call themselves a relationship coach. But how do you find a certified relationship coach who can give you that transformational experience you need?

When getting a relationship coach, you should seek a professional who has a license and is certified by the appropriate authority to render such service. Finding a certified relationship coach can be a bit hard, but don’t worry; I made it easy just for you. Keep reading as I reveal how to get the best and certified relationship coach.

In our list, you will find certified relationship specialists who have the best relationship coach certification.

1. Relationship Coaching Website

There are numerous relationship coaching platforms where you can book a session with an expert and a certified coach. Some websites offer both online and offline services, depending on your preference. For online coaching, there will be call sessions, messages, and sometimes video calls. Such platforms have a large community of coaches with licenses to practice who will offer you the best coaching for a better and more sustainable relationship. You pay a service charge, which differs with each website. Some websites have affordable packages, while others are a bit pricey.

2. Relationship Coaching Apps

Coaching apps are an excellent way to meet certified relationship coaches. You can read app reviews on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Experiences from previous clients can tell you if those apps are worth using. There are many top-notch, well-known relationship coaches who have apps where they post helpful materials that you can access at all times. They also offer other services, like in-person coaching, for a price difference for each coach.

3. Linkedin

One of the most potent online service provider companies where you can get a professional is LinkedIn. You can search on LinkedIn to find a certified and trusted relationship coach. You’ll get to see their CV and work experience, which will give you an idea of whether he is the best man for the job. Most relationship coaches on LinkedIn have a free sample display of their coaching.

This will help you decide if that particular coach can offer the service you need or not. There are many coaches on the platform. Do not feel discouraged if the first relationship coach you considered doesn’t fit what you want.

4. Social Media

There are many certified relationship coaches on social media with verified badges and verifiable work histories. From Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can quickly get in touch with a certified coach. On these social media platforms, you can use a simple hashtag to get yourself a relationship coach.

Some relationship coaches occasionally carry out free live coaching sessions, and you can always book a one-on-one session for a price. Most of these experts have their contact and email address on their social media where you can contact them or their managers to book a session.

5. Blogs

As the famous saying goes, “Google is your best friend.” When you check Google for relationship advice, some blog pages will come up. Most of these blogs belong to qualified relationship coaches. They use their blogs to discuss popular, pressing issues with their readers.

On those blogs, you will find information about the blog owners and how to contact them for private relationship coaching. However, it is essential to be careful as a few blogs don’t belong to certified coaches. Always confirm from other platforms like their social media handle to be safe.

6. YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is an excellent platform for learning. Numerous relationship coaches have YouTube channels where they upload videos on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, depending on their schedule. You’ll always find both free and paid materials that you can use.

Also, you’ll see reviews from other users of their materials in the comment section of their videos. Most of these coaches usually link their contact information on their channel profiles or in the description box of every video, where you can contact them for personal coaching.

7. Private Relationship Coaching

There are a lot of registered relationship therapy companies and services. These companies employ different relationship experts to assist their customers. For such companies, you are sure your coach is a professional because no company will employ a mere individual to do the job.

Using relationship coaching companies will offer the advantage of meeting a relationship coach with a specialty to your exact request and needs.

8. News Paper/ Magazine Adverts

Some coaches advertise their services in newspapers and magazines. They list down the different services they provide with those contact addresses to reach out to them. Hardly will an uncertified relationship coach advertise their service in a magazine or newspaper.

Those media houses also ensure they only promote businesses, goods, products, and legit services. Even at that, you can still go on and do more research on the authenticity of the coach and their level of expertise.

9. Hospital

Yes, you can find qualified relationship coaches in the hospital. The psychiatric department in the hospital has different branches and different types of coaches, and each has a specialty. Some people may get depression, anxiety disorder, and other mental health-related concerns as a result of some relationship problems like breakups. The relationship coach will work with such patients to get better and manage their condition with medication or therapy.

10. Journals

From reading some relationship journals, you may come across names of qualified relationship coaches. You may discover them through a reference that the journal cited of the coach’s previous work.

From there, you can easily trace the expert primarily via their email, contact address, or social media handle. From their social media platforms like Facebook, you may come across free helpful materials that you can use before you book an appointment.

Final thought

When seeking the help of a relationship coach, you have to ensure it is a certified coach with a license to practice. If you end up with an uncertified coach, you will most likely end up getting the opposite result. Using the above-listed routes, you can get a qualified expert that has experience with coaching hundreds and thousands of couples to a better, healthier, and long-lasting relationship.