The Best Time For You To Get Married

Are you looking for the best age to get married and have a baby?

Everyone has different times they think it’s right for someone to get married. Some may say in the rainy season, as that is when your skin agrees more with the weather so that you can radiate more on your big day. While some may argue that winter is the best time to have a fairytale wedding, others may argue that the summer, spring, or dry seasons are the best times for various reasons.

Some others may think the best time to get married is when you are financially stable, stable in your career, and able to provide all your family will need without having to sweat much about it.

And while all this is right, it still doesn’t tell you the best time to get married, and as such, some people feel they are finally ready to settle down, so they get into a marriage and jump out faster than they jumped in. Getting married at the wrong time has ruined many people, sent them into depression, made some suicidal, and caused some to go bankrupt and never recover.

That is why it has become imperative over the years and, in fact, one of the most asked questions as people try to find out when the best time to get married is. Here are some of the times that it’s best for you to finally get married;

1. After you’ve cleared your emotional baggage

Some people try to solve past relationships or marriages that went sour by trying to get married, thinking that some sort of magic will help to heal the wound in their hearts left by the relationship. But this never works, because not only does your wound get deeper, but you also manage to drag your partner down the same miserable road with you. 

So, if you are carrying around a past hurt from a previous relationship and thinking about the best time to get married, it’s best to give yourself time to heal from it so that you can enjoy your marriage when you finally do.

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2. When you are financially stable

A marriage can never work unless there is money in it. At this point, you are not only thinking about yourself, but you are also thinking about your partner. If your partner has financial issues, they no longer become just his or hers but ours. And then, in most cases, after the wedding, come the children. Children are financially draining, and without money, you will only bring in children who will end up suffering and dying in a few unfortunate cases.

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3. When you know the real reason why you want to get married

It’s no longer news that the leading cause of divorce in our society today is that people get married for the wrong reasons. Some people get married because they don’t want to be lonely, some because everyone around them is getting married and they feel it’s time, some because they feel they have money, and some because of family and societal pressure. The best reason to get married is that you love your partner and can’t see yourself living life without them; any other reason can be a life-changing mistake, and you may bear the consequences for a long time.

4. After you have found the right person for you

Are you getting married because you have found “the one” or are you just marrying whoever is available and ready to get married at that moment? Marrying the wrong person can turn your life around for the worse, make you live with regret for the rest of your life, even if you finally divorce the person, and make you keep wondering what would have happened if you had waited.

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5. When you are mentally ready

Getting married comes with a lot of responsibility. You become responsible for your partner, your kids, and, in most cases, your partner’s family. You realize that anything you do or the decision you take doesn’t affect just you anymore, but your partner and your kids. Most people are not mentally built for this. If you realize that you are one of them, you can decide to make cognizant efforts or decide to get married and join the league of terrible partners.

6. When you’ve come to understand marriage has ups and downs

When taking the vows on the altar, most people believe it’s a ritual that should be done with, and they don’t realize how true those vows can be in their lives until they are faced with life and marital challenges. “In sickness and in health” means even if one day your partner goes blind or has cancer, you can’t leave them.  

For better or worse, this means that even if your wealthy husband loses everything and has to start over, you can’t leave him. “Till death do us part” means that no matter how many times your partner annoys you or does the wrong thing at all times and you get so angry, you are stuck with the person forever. And forever is a very long time to be stuck with the wrong person, or when you know you can’t stay committed to one person for a very long time. When you’ve finally taken your time to come to terms with this, that is the right time for you to get married.

7. When you can think for yourself

the wrong set of people to get married to is “mummy’s boy” or “daddy’s girl.” People who can’t make a decision, even in marriage, without consulting their parents and believe that whatever their parents say is the best. This kind of behavior usually stems from their upbringing and can be difficult to break. Until they can finally decide for themselves, that is the only time for them to get married.


Marriage is the most beautiful union between two people in love. Knowing the best time to marry will benefit not only you, but also your partner, unborn children, parents, and siblings.

However, the best time to get married is a highly personal decision that will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, your financial and emotional readiness, and the state of your relationship. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as everyone’s situation is unique. In general, it is important to take the time to get to know yourself and your partner well before getting married, and to make sure that you are both committed to building a strong and lasting relationship.

It is also important to consider whether you are ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges that come with marriage, such as supporting each other financially and emotionally and making important decisions together. Ultimately, the best time to get married is when you and your partner feel ready and committed to building a life together.