Red Flag Signs Of A Player On The First Date

What are some red flags on a first date? Spotting the signs of a player on a first date can send you running to protect yourself from heartbreak. Of course, no one would like to be played, having a first date with someone for the first time can be daunting due to mixed feelings. However, one can tell for sure if a first date went well or not and if someone is a keeper or a player.

What is the meaning of a red flag?

A red flag is a cautionary symbol that shows a person’s character and might point to a potential issue, misunderstanding, or obstacle in a relationship. Red flags in dating are things like; only talking about yourself, avoiding hard conversations, and spreading rumors about your ex. If warning signs in a relationship aren’t caught early, they can hurt the relationship in the long run.

A player is adept at playing on a woman’s emotions to achieve his objectives. The phrase is most often used to describe a man tricking (or “playing”) a woman into thinking he only wants her while, in reality, he is dating several other women as well.

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The red flags of a player on the first date could be right in front of your face. Others, though, are skilled manipulators, and sadly, they aren’t usually that obvious. They’re capable of deceiving even the most intelligent females out there. 

Before I begin, I’d like to remind you that your instincts will guide you even before I do.

It’s reasonable to be seduced by attractiveness, charisma, and chemistry on a first date, but if you’re seeking a warning sign to know a player or tips on how to recognize a player while you read this, then you want to be knowledgeable before setting out on this date, or perhaps you already have a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right. 

Warnings signs of a player on the first date 

Is he a player or genuinely interested? Watch out for the following warning signs you’re with a player and will soon be played if you don’t take precautions.

1. They start strong 

A player will start strong and be quite charming, but it’s only just a facade, so you don’t know their true intention. 

They’ll shower you with beautiful compliments so profusely and tell you exactly what they know you want to hear, but they won’t go out of their way to get to know you or reveal their true selves. 

This is due to their desire to love-bomb you to persuade you to lower your guard and fall into bed with them.

2. They frequently talk about their ex. 

Watch out for people who talk negatively about or frequently bring up their ex during the date. There are appropriate times and places to talk about your relationship experiences, which does indeed include telling on an old girlfriend. First dates are not one of them.

There is no justification for your date to engage in trash-talking or bring up an ex during a conversation with you. This prevents you from getting to know them better and knowing them for who they are. 

This can also indicate that they haven’t fully moved on from their ex. You don’t want to be someone’s backup plan or rebound. This is a major warning sign.

3. You are the one putting in all the effort 

Does it appear like the effort is uneven? This suggests that they may not be entirely committed. 

if you are doing all the work —the first to text, the one who planned the date, reminded him of the date, called to make sure you are still meeting. You should be able to see that red flag standing strong and proud.

4. They make you feel confused 

Are you perplexed about their true feelings? Is your mind always racing? it’s likely for a reason. 

When you are looking for something more meaningful, being with a player can be frustrating and bewildering. 

Players are frequently skilled at switching from being so loving and attentive to something else which will cause uncertainty. 

Players are skilled at maintaining their competitive edge by giving the most attention, occasionally love bombing you, and then confirming to be untrustworthy when someone new captivates their interest.

5. Their statements don’t match up with their behavior. 

Is there a great difference between what they say and what they do?

They say you’re the best, and most beautiful, and won’t stop complimenting every feature of you, but they won’t put in the effort to get to know you in ways that go beyond dates and the bedroom. 

Because you have questioned their motives, they will make excuses and play the victim when pushed or asked to contribute more to the relationship.

6. They refuse to answer questions about themselves. 

On first dates, there shouldn’t be a one-sided exchange of questions and answers. There should be a lot of back and forth in them. When a date dodges and avoids answering questions about themselves, it’s always a warning sign and leads you to speculate what they might be concealing.

7. They flirt with you excessively

Although sincere compliments are lovely, you shouldn’t necessarily put your trust in someone who flatters you excessively. This kind of sweet talk is frequently used by players to woo ladies.

Keep an eye out for the kinds of compliments he offers you. Compliments about your hair, your smiles, etc. are examples of generic, overused compliments that could be directed at almost any woman. This may indicate that he hasn’t given much thought to who you are, and what makes you unique. 

8. They flirt with everyone. 

The big red flag of a player. They are flirty with everyone, from the waiting staff to your friends, and anyone around. They may simply be really pleasant or they may constantly approach others and hit on them.

Most players spend too much time worrying about themselves, therefore they don’t have time to worry about other people. A man who cares about you will be curious to know more about your life and your interests, but a player won’t make the effort to learn more. 

However, they won’t be interested enough to remember what you say. Bring up topics you’ve previously discussed in conversation. If he occasionally forgets about minor facts, it’s probably okay, but if it becomes a habit, it’s usually a dangerous red flag.

9. It’s always about sex. 

At the moment, you will be the only sexiest being alive, and they will stop at nothing to spend a few passionate hours with you. 

They’ll always arrange a sexual encounter by meeting up with you for late-night drinks or suggesting to go to your place or his so late at night.

However, once their dopamine demands have been satisfied, they become cold and aloof, and then you may feel as though you’ve been used.


First dates are stressful enough by themselves. They frequently cause the infamous first date nervousness, which leaves you attempting to interpret every physical gesture they make, as well as distress from straddling the line between being overly picky and looking to settle.

Dating indeed requires patience, and there are occasions when you need to go on multiple dates to get to know someone better and determine whether or not you click. However, there are unquestionably some significant warning indicators, the big red flags that can appear even on a first date, and these are the ones you shouldn’t ignore. 

Early on in a relationship, red flags might be discreet or glaring. Before the relationship deteriorates, it’s important to pay attention if a red flag repeatedly surfaces.

I hope these signs above are enough to help you Identify the significant red flags in a possible partner on first dates.