55 Dirty Messages To Make Her Blush

Are you looking for dirty text messages to make her blush? Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone wants to be with that one person they can’t live without. Every woman desires that moment when her man sends naughty, crazy, and dirty messages that make her blush. Who wouldn’t want that? The butterfly feeling in your belly and goosebumps all over your delicate skin will make the moment very memorable.

Every man also desires that moment when he sends dirty and flirty messages to make his wife or girlfriend blush. But it’s a lot of work. Most men have little time and don’t know where to begin. However, if you’re in, do not worry. In this guide, we’ve come up with 55 best dirty messages to make her blush. So, stick around.

55 Dirty and flirty messages to make your woman blush over text

1.  Has anyone told you how beautiful and elegant you are? I bet I am the first and only one to do that this morning. My sunshine!

2.  Babe, a queen, appeared in my dream last night. Guess who the queen was? It’s you! Because you’re the Queen that rules my heart.

3.  I get butterflies in my belly knowing I have such a cute damsel all to myself. Isn’t it a jackpot?

4.  The thought of when next I will set my eyes on you and the crazy and dirty things we’ll do left me smiling like a madman on the road.

5.  Do angels dwell on the earth? Because I have one, and that’s you.

6.  Your lips taste so good. Can I have them locked on mine?

7.  Can I keep you forever?

8.  The day was cloudy because you didn’t show up. My Sunshine!

9.  I can’t go a day without hot and spicy meals. Do you know what that means? I can’t go a day without you.

10.  If being dirty and naughty has a jail term, I should be behind bars just for you.

11.  I want to kiss those sexy lips of yours—my therapy.

12.   It’s cold here and not having you here to do dirty things to me makes it more difficult. It would have been easier if you were here, my love.

14.  Do you fancy teddy bears? Because I want you to always hold me like one.

15.  My heart is missing. Can I look through your heart to be sure you still have it?

16.  I want to be happy forever and that’s why I am keeping a curvy princess like you.

 17. Can I be your dressing mirror so I can view all parts of you daily?

18. Getting surprise kisses from you always makes me want to have you.

19.  I currently crave a bite on my lips from you.

20.  Having you in my life reminds me of how beautiful our kids will look because you’re super cute.

21.  They say nobody is perfect, but I see an ideal woman in you always.

22.  My love for you is everything.  I promise to hold you tight during the cold and warm moments.

23.  I crave you emotionally.

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24.  Getting under the duvet with you is the best thing ever.

25.  You’re adorable, my princess—every man’s fantasy.

26.   Ask me anything you need, and I’ll get it done because you deserve the best.

27.   You’re the only woman capable of holding my heart, and I give it all to you. Gorgeous princess!

28.   When I am with you, it feels like we’re the only people in the world. You complete me.

29.  I will love you today, tomorrow, and every emotional moment of my life; I want to spend it with you.

30.   Nothing keeps me warmer than being cuddled in your arms.

31. If I’m asked to make a wish. Guess what it will be? To be left alone with you all the days of my life.

32.  Whenever I look into your eyes, I see love and spark. You are such a cute damsel.

33.   You are the reason I believe that true love exists. Can we have a loved-up moment together?

34.  Do you perform magic because the last night together with you was magical?

35.   Name whatever you want, and I’ll give them to you without hesitation. You’ve captured my whole heart.

36.  Where is the lie? My heart thinks about you constantly, and it’s impossible to go a day without your thought. You are such a treasure to keep.

37.  You light up my dark world and make love beautiful. Just look at yourself in the mirror. You are gorgeous and curvy.

38.  Do you know there is something about you that draws me closer to you? I’ve never felt for another woman the way I think of you. Bedroom activities with you spark up my whole being.

39.  I am hoping to walk hand in hand with you at the beach and feel the serene atmosphere.

40.  You are such a charming lady, and looking at your beauty alone ignites a fire in me.

41.  There is no better love story than ours. What we share is unique. I love every moment spent with you.

 42. Cuddling you heals me of all life worries and gives me strength—my beautiful princess.

43. You are so cute, and I can’t afford to lose you to anyone else. Your sexy body physique is exceptional. You are beautiful!

44.   A lot of people believe in kissing and telling, but I don’t. So, every er*tic moment together remains a secret. Could you not say no to me, beautiful?

 45. I want to be closed-door with you. I hope you won’t say no.

46   Give me a kiss, a soft touch, and perform tongue action on my body. I enjoyed the feeling from the last time. I love you!

47.  I am alone in my bed, do whatever you desire to my body. I promise not to resist you.

48.  I know the color of your panties and sizes. I hope to be the one to take it off when you get home. Sexual moments with you are always beautiful.

49  I crave those touches from you that make me go crazy. Your hands are magical.

50.  Can I have a taste of you tonight? You were so sweet last time, my sunshine!

51.  Craving for a ride from you, if you know what I mean.

52.  My mind is filled with all the dirty things I will do to you whenever I set my eyes on you.

53.  Can I call you sexy? Damn! You’re so beautiful, curvy, hot, and sensual.

54.  I get hard down there whenever I think about you. Can I see my princess tonight?

55.  Tell me how much you enjoy our lovemaking because I’m ready to get better just for you. I love you!

Final Thought

Sending dirty messages to make her blush is never an easy task. But we’ve made that easy for you. So,  follow through with the 55 dirty messages detailed above to make her blush. It Will help you develop more sexual feelings for her, and you will bond together more. Also, through These messages, you can stylishly communicate your fantasies to her.