Flirty Moves For First Dates That Get A Second Date With Her

Are you wondering what to do on a first date to get a second date? The following tips, despite being flirty, can guarantee a second date if you follow the instructions appropriately.

What separates a pleasant conversation from a dull one? Nothing will wow your date more on a first date than the initial few minutes of a fascinating chat. Therefore, having the right conversation starters for a first date may make or ruin the experience, and often you may not even be aware of it. 

It all depends on first impressions, as you can see. It’s challenging to change a negative first impression that someone has of you. 

Making a good first impression, though, will put you in the best position to succeed. Because of this, you must develop your conversational abilities and work to completely blow the person you have your eye on away.

To assist you in charming your date, you’ll find a ton of first-date flirting advice below, to make her want more.

Every good first date includes some flirting. She will assume that you don’t like her or that you’re too nervous to talk to her if you don’t flirt at all. The mood of the date will be ruined if you flirt too forcefully or awkwardly. See signs that your first date is going well.

First date flirty moves to get a second date with her

1. Conversation  

First-date conversations can help identify your date’s character. It also helps you know if this is the person you are going to be with for a long time or not.

While some people always find it quite easy to impress every date every time, some others, despite their best efforts, consistently appear to fail terribly at creating a positive first impression. 

2. Compliment her sincerely 

Why not compliment the person with whom you are flirting? All girls enjoy receiving compliments. Compliments are a wonderful method to let her know that you are paying attention. It is a wonderful method to express your admiration for her. Although it doesn’t always have to be, the comment should always be sincere.

Most women work very hard at both how they appear and what they do. Immediately letting her know that her work was appreciated by giving her praises in these areas will encourage her. Additionally, it lets her know that you are a supporter, which will help her feel more at ease.

She will easily brush off a shallow or hurried compliment and doubt the sincerity of your words. Do not forget to compliment her sincerely!

3. Playfully tease her a little bit. 

One of the most appealing qualities in a person, especially on a date, is their lighthearted demeanor. Share an amusing real-life story while having a good time, and don’t be nervous to occasionally laugh at yourself. 

You can wow your date on your first date conversation and make the evening quite enjoyable and intriguing by having a good sense of humor.

4. Use your sense of humor 

Since laughter is the finest therapy for the soul, everyone enjoys spending time with hilarious people.  

Using humor to continue the conversation and make her feel more comfortable around you is an excellent strategy. 

A female will want to hang out with you more if you can make her laugh. She will want to spend more time with you because she will link you with positive energy. A fantastic technique to ensure she returns for further dates is to make your date laugh on the first one. Together laughter can also provide a lot of sexual chemistry.

5. Body language 

When you’re seated across from or next to your date, pay attention to your body language. Don’t fidget, sway your body from side to side, or nod your head continuously as if your neck were on a spring. Your body is mostly your bonus for flirting with your date. Mess it up, and you know the rest of the story while lying in bed alone, looking at your ceiling, and wondering where it all went wrong.  

6. Eye contact 

Eye contact is extremely intimate and conveys wordless communication, making it a wonderful weapon for flirting. Consider how much longer you maintain eye contact typically with others. It might be charming and sensual to maintain eye contact with your date for longer than a few seconds than you would with a friend to express your interest in them. 

Hold a firm stare sometimes, look intently into their eyes, and nod lightly when they talk to you. 

It demonstrates your undivided attention and lack of distraction during the date. Of course, avoid doing it too frequently to avoid coming off as scary.

To avoid staring someone down, I suggest briefly locking eyes with them before averting your sight from their face or the objects on the table. 

7. Make sure to smile sincerely. 

A fantastic strategy to ease the uneasiness of the first date is to smile. Your date will feel instantly more at ease and relaxed around you if you smile frequently. 

8. Light Touches

When you are flirting with a woman, it’s essential to touch her. A woman is just as attracted to physical touch as a man is, and it will also show you how at ease she is around you. 

The secret to effective physical flirting is to begin gently and slowly, gauge her reaction, and then pick up the tempo if she seems at ease. She will stiffen up if you are moving too quickly. If she enjoys your touch, you can try some more daring moves.

Of course, touching someone against their will is never acceptable. Receiving active consent at each level is crucial when using this strategy. This entails understanding your date’s boundaries and asking, “Is this OK?”

9. Watch her reaction

Watch how your date is acting. Even though you might think your date finds the topic intriguing, they might not. 

If your date appears to be distracted in any way—by her eyes not focusing on you, swaying her body side to side, staring blankly at you. 

This is important both when you make physical advances toward her and when you use flirtatious language. You’re acting too aggressively if she tenses up or recoils. You are welcome to increase the intensity even more if she likes what you’re doing. 

Avoid becoming that guy who flirts nonstop without considering the other person’s feelings.

10. Fill the moment with activities

  • Play escape room 

Let’s get right to the point of being locked with your date in a room from which you must flee before the clock runs out. It may be the ideal first date for some. You’ll have a fantastic time while playing. If you become frightened, hold on to your lover and get closer to her.

  • Picnic

Plan a quiet lunch in the park and get to know your date. Bring a blanket, a basket of treats, and your adorable self. Depending on how you feel and how comfortable you are, you can pick a quiet area or a park with more people.

  • Go karaoke. 

Take your date to Karaoke if you want to do something fun, while you two enjoy the moment performing song after song.  It is a memory that will live in her mind and keep her wanting to see you again.


A tip-  Think about getting her flowers. Buy her flowers and present them at the time you are picking her up if you want to be romantic. It is a sweet gesture and demonstrates that you have been planning the date for some time. If you’re not sure what kind of flower to buy, roses are always a wise decision.