100 Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning

In a relationship, giving each other nicknames is top-notch. Picking a nickname shouldn’t be a big deal, but the name to choose for him might be challenging. All you have to do is check in on your shared memories or his quirks to find a charming nickname for him. 

So if you are looking for unique, cute nicknames for your boyfriend, funny nicknames for him, a personality-inspired unique nickname for your boyfriend, or a sexy nickname for him. To find the right name for your lover, this list of 100 unique nicknames for boyfriends with meaning can help you get started.

As you know, the best nicknames come from cool moments spent together, and favorite memories. If you can imagine calling him one of these names, check how good the name sounds and the meaning of every boyfriend nickname on this post. 

100 unique nicknames for boyfriends with meaning.

Cute unique nicknames for boyfriend. 

  1. Boo bear

If your boyfriend is a delightful soul. Super perfect nickname for your boyfriend.

  1. Baby

A very sweet nickname for everyone, sure to melt his heart when called one. 

  1. Sweet

For the boyfriend whose love tastes like sugar and honey. 

  1. Light

If your boyfriend lights up your heart and world, especially when his presence is welcoming and soothing, this is a good nickname for him.

  1. My Sunlight 

If your boyfriend brings warmth and happiness into your life, this name is awesome for him.

  1. Love

A nickname called out of affection. Sounds romantic and perfect for your man. 

  1. Boo boo

This one has a romantic tone to it. 

  1. Babyface

A name perfect for your boyfriend whom you keep looking at his face dreamingly for how cute he is. 

  1. Handsome 

For the strikingly good-looking young man

  1. Teddy Bear 

If your boyfriend is that soft toy bear you want to cuddle with when you sleep. This is just perfect for him.

  1. Honey 

Everything sweet

  1. Sweetheart 

A sweet endearment for your lovable partner

  1. Bubba

An affectionate name for your boyfriend who is precious to you

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  1. Squishy

Just at the sight of him, you want to jump all over him and give him the (Squishiest) hug ever. 

  1. Lover

Sings Taylor Swift’s “You’re my, my, my, my…lover”

  1. Heartthrob

When he looks like your male celebrity crush with good looks

  1. Dimples 

For your beautiful boyfriend with the cutest dimples ever

  1. Sweet thang 

We can’t get enough sweets because sweets are sweets (haha!)

  1. Soulmate 

This lovely name is to be called to that romantic partner whom you feel is your other half.

Funny unique nicknames for boyfriend

  1. Monkey 

If he looks a little hairy and often annoys you. This is a good nickname. 

  1. Panda 

The cute but clumsy boyfriend 

  1. Chipmunk

The cute but hyper boyfriend 

  1. Mr. Bean 

If your man is comedic and always has you cracking your ribs. 

  1. Daredevil

If your boyfriend enjoys doing dangerous things and taking risks, this is a good nickname for him 

  1. Busy bee

If he is always busy working and doesn’t play with his work. 

  1. Goggle 

Just like google that has an answer for everything. Does your boyfriend know it all? Then is the perfect nickname for him. 

  1. Fluffy

If he is soft and hairy and you just often dream about being wrapped up in his arms. 

  1. Dictionary 

If your boyfriend has a definition for every word mentioned. 

  1. Vampire 

If he stays up late at night working or hardly sleeps at night, or maybe he loves to bite when lovemaking. 

  1. Villain

If he often has funny villainous thoughts or actions. Or if he is one, people misunderstand his outward personality until they get close to him and know him for who he truly is.

  1. Anaconda 

He gives really powerful hugs. 

  1. Devourer 

A funny nickname for that boyfriend who eats too much and anything he sees in sight. 

  1. Oldie 

He behaves old, but he is wise and drops these wise sayings often. He has the solutions to everything. 

  1. Thunder 

When he is angry his voice roars like thunder, but he is cute. 

  1. Sugar daddy

He is super caring and sweet and treats you just like a dad would. 

  1. Coco

Does he drive you loco? Then this is just the perfect name for him.

  1. Footy 

If he loves soccer a lot. 

  1. Terminator 

If he is a fighter or loves to fight. 

  1. Mr. Bond

If your boyfriend is good at solving problems. 

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Personality-inspired unique nicknames for boyfriend 

  1. Jock

If he loves sports and lives for everything sports

  1. Ace

If he shines in everything he does this is a fitting nickname for him

  1. Speedy

He’s very fast either while working or walking. He is like a flash.

  1. Book warm 

Does he enjoy reading and has a long list of books he will read? This name is just great.

  1. Smart 

He is not just wit-headed, he is quick-witted and he is often well-dressed. 

  1. Prankster

If he loves to prank you all the time

  1. Player

He loves to play games a lot

  1. Black box 

You never can tell what he is thinking. 

  1. Bad boy

If he has the bad boy style and attitude but he’s not a criminal.

  1. Casanova 

If he is a true master of love

  1. Firecracker 

He can be feisty 

  1. King

He behaves like a king and not just that, he rules over your heart

  1. Knight in shining armor 

He’s always there to fight for you and save you.

  1. Chief 

He moves like he’s a boss and leader you adore.

  1. Moody cat

He always has the face of the DND or you can call him DND, for do not disturb

  1. Zeus

He moves like a god, and with confidence too

  1. Jelly Bean 

If he acts all tough but inside he is a softy. This is an awesome name for him 

  1. Goofy 

For the playful goofy guy who makes you laugh all the time

  1. Meatball 

Just like goofy

  1. Giggles 

He giggles a lot and is often amused by little things. 

Food-inspired unique nickname for boyfriend

  1. Big mac 

A fan of McDonald’s 

  1. Cupcake 

He is a very sweet and adorable man

  1. Babycakes 

If he is lovely and tastes just good.

  1. Buttercup

If he is sweet and looks very lovely on sight. 

  1. Cutie pie 

If your boyfriend is super cute

  1. Candyman

When you see him your heart melts and he is super sweet in everything. 

  1. Dumpling

He is delicious and he is a cuddly fellow. 

  1. Muffin 

Not only does he love muffins, but you also love muffins too and he reminds you of your favorite snack. 

  1. Sugar 

He is sweet just like Sugar 

  1. Jujube

You can call your boyfriend this name if he is a shy sweet boy

  1. Popsicle 

If your man is tall and also sweet, this is an adorable nickname for him.

  1. Oreos 

Like oreo biscuits, he is delicious just how you want it. 

  1. Sugarplum

Just like sugar, he is sweet

  1. Pumpkin

An adorable nickname for your darling boyfriend 

  1. Peachy

When you look at him you get satisfied, he looks fine and attractive. 

  1. Pudding pie 

This is a very sweet name for a sweet boyfriend. 

  1. Eye candy 

If he is good-looking and he has really sweet eyes.

Sexy unique nicknames for boyfriend 

  1. Hot lips 

He gives you just the right hot kiss that burns your entire heart. 

  1. Hot stuff

That one boyfriend you find irresistible. 

  1. Honey pot 

He is a pot full of everything sweet and he makes your knee buckle, while you crave the honey he serves.

  1. Sexy 

He is the sexiest man alive to you. 

  1. Naughty 

He is super naughty and won’t stop whispering dirty nothings to you, even if you are in public. 

  1. Sugar lips

You taste his sugary sweet love when he kisses you.

  1. Smoochie

If he likes grabbing your ass and planting delicate soft kisses on your neck. Try this name for him. 

  1. Sexy butt

If you could, you may eat his butt for dinner if you can

  1. Snickers 

If he knows exactly how to satisfy your cravings. 

  1. Chili

He knows how to heat you up at any moment. He has the spice and all. 

  1. Apple 

A fruity nickname for your boyfriend 

  1. Chief cookie

You are letting him know he owns your cookie(wink) 

  1. Ecstasy 

When you are together he overwhelms you with feelings of happiness. 

  1. Tiger

If he is rough in bed and satisfies you. This is a perfect nickname for him 

  1. Rockster 

He is just super cool and loves rock and roll, he also rocks your world in the bedroom too 

  1. Prof

Does he wear glasses, and does he look super sexy when he has them on? 

  1. Sexy beast

Powerful. If he can he would destroy your world with his sexiness.

Cute nicknames for boyfriend in different languages. 


  1. Mi Alma — Meaning my Soul
  1. Papi Chulo — Attractive man
  1. Casino — Dear or Darling. 


  1. Amore — Love 
  1. Tesoro— Treasure 


  1. Habibi— My love or beloved 
  1. Ya Amar— My moon 


A nickname sounds personal and will strengthen your bond and increase intimacy. Calling him by his preferred nickname will make him feel special. Use these adorable nicknames as a team of endearment and have your partner either swooning or laughing.