True Life Stories About Dating Younger Men

dating younger men

Does dating a younger man ever work, and Why are younger guys better to date, these are common questions we received through email since we made a post on why women like bad guys. Dating younger men has its own set of pros and cons, but if it’s your first time dating someone in your …

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Top Dating Apps For Christian Dating

Crosspaths Christian dating

So you’ve tried the old-fashioned way of finding a partner and it hasn’t been working out so well? It may be time to try some new approaches to finding love, especially if you’re single and looking to share your life with someone else. These three Christian dating apps may just help you find that special …

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10 Reasons Why Women Like Bad Guys

bad guy

You’ve probably heard people talk about bad boys and how women seem to be attracted to them but what does this really mean? And why do women like bad guys, anyway? There are plenty of explanations for this phenomenon, but we’re focusing on the positive aspects and the reasons why women like bad guys rather …

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50 Best Stay-Home Date Ideas For You

stay home date night ideas

At-home date ideas became prevalent due to the lockdown and people have been looking for the best possible means to generate out-of-the-box date night ideas at home. Although dinner and a movie date night is classic for a reason, it might grow a little old after a while, especially if you and your sweetheart have …

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How Do You Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On Instagram?

a girl on instagram app

Are you concerned that your lover is cheating on you via Instagram? Although it’s an awful feeling, you’re not by yourself. As cheating has become easier to do because of social media, this is happening more and more frequently. What begins as an innocent conversation has the potential to develop into a full-blown relationship. To …

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21 Best Virtual Date Ideas For You

virtual date ideas

Are you staying far away from your partner? This post focuses on the best virtual date ideas during lockdown or while in a long-distance relationship. When you hear the word “date,” images of bumping into someone while walking to the park, leaning over candles to take a bite of their Cacio e Pepe, and entering the …

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35 Best Surprise Date Ideas For You

a man and a woman on a surprise date

Couples frequently choose a date during the infrequent hour or two when they are alone by going out to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Sometimes couples struggle to find the time for date nights because of jobs, caring for children, and other daily obligations, never mind coming up with anything original and imaginative.  Intimacy and …

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How To Date A Foreign Girlfriend

get a foreign girlfriend

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always simple to meet and attract foreign ladies. You must be patient, have an open mind, and perhaps choose a different strategy than you are accustomed to.  But if you succeed, you’re in for some incredible travel adventures.  It can be just as nerve-wracking as approaching a woman in …

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25 Flirty Texts To Get Him To Respond Immediately

person using phone

Flirting is a particular part of a romantic relationship, and crafting flirty text messages for your man can make him feel closer to you even when he’s far apart.  It spices up your romantic life as well. Therefore, flirting is the best thing to do if your relationship needs a boost. You can use flirty …

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