What Men Want in Relationships That Don’t Involve Sex

what men want

So, how do you make him love you more without sex? Are you trying to learn more about the emotional demands that men have? There is a wealth of knowledge in this blog about how to satisfy your husband’s emotional demands. Let’s face it, most men are reluctant to discuss their emotions. Most guys are …

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10 Best Christian Dating Advice

Christians dating

How to be romantic in a godly relationship and Christian relationships before marriage is common terms most young adults who are Christians are looking for the right answers on. It can be quite challenging to navigate all the dating advice available for Christians on the web. Spending time with the other person should be an intentional …

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First Date Flirty Games To Get Him To Like You

flirt with a guy

According to psychologist Powell, Flirting is a mind game where you have nothing serious about someone, usually with no end goals, except for your enjoyment and to soothe your emotions. When someone is playing a flirty game with you, they will be so excited when discussing with you, act as if they already know every …

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12 Signs Of A Keeper On The First Date

is he a keeper

How do you know if you found a keeper? You’ve been out on a date and are now unsure of whether to keep dating this guy. That’s awesome because it means the date went well. Was it successful enough? This is the crucial question – what are signs he’s a keeper? You are aware that …

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150 Sweet Sexy Texts To Drive Her Wild

text messages to drive her wild

How do you drive a girl crazy over text? Sending some steamy romantic text messages to your girlfriend or wife is a sure way to keep the romance alive in a relationship. Honestly, letting your woman know how much they mean to you can change the way they feel and strengthen the bond between the …

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10 Flirty Moves That Men Cannot Resist

flirty moves to attract a man

The best way to show someone you are interested in them is to learn how to be flirtatious. The key to flirting successfully, whether it be through texting or in person is body language. Give them a chance to make one, you are communicating to them that you wouldn’t mind if they approach you. That’s …

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