70 Dirty Texts To Make Her Laugh

Are you looking for romantic text messages that will make her want you badly? The best is the one that will make her laugh all day.

There are several things to do to keep a healthy and fun relationship, and one of these simple acts is the act of dirty texting. Occasionally the ones we overlook appear to be the most crucial. You may make your girlfriend squirm while you are away from her by sending a dirty funny text. Or if you are trying to attract a hot one you can get a “W” with dirty funny texting. 

Make sure you are not overdoing it and the person whom you are texting isn’t one to react negatively to it, if not you’re taking the “big L” Nobody wants to recoil and say “had I known” 

If you are wondering about the texts to send to her but you can’t help to figure out one or what dirty thing to say to make her laugh, this article offers 70 dirty texts to make her laugh and you will come back here for more. 

If you are in a relationship, dirty texting can help strengthen your relationship no matter if she is far away from you. You can begin the foreplay the moment you wake up rather than wait until you see her tonight. 

70 dirty texts to make her laugh

  1. Nobody wants us together, if only they knew what we do in the bedroom together
  1. Imagine someone caught us having sex 
  1. Stop reading erotic fiction, I am capable of being that hot mysterious Ceo. 
  1. I just randomly thought of removing your panties with no hands. 
  1. Why have morning coffee? When I can have your boobs for breakfast? 
  1. It’s a whole new day, and I hope I am still your favorite toy. 
  1. Is it my fault that every time I enter the shower I get reminded of your delicate body pressing me on this cold glass? 
  1. Do you want to try watching porn together, but then I’m afraid I might want to star in one with you?
  1. If you were a twin I would cast your twin away, and still choose you, because nobody handles my balls the way you do. 
  1. I am waiting for the part where you will ask if I miss your other lips too. 
  1. I would like to warn you that I will mistakenly send you my nastiest picture in a few minutes. 
  1. I am sorry that the best thing I ever did today was stare at your succulent boobs. 
  1. I am going to write in my resume that you are my dirtiest sexual fantasy come true. 
  1. Let’s do it next on top of the tree. I just want to do it right and feel on top of the world. 
  1. I have never had answers for the weirdest place I have had sex. What do you think, let’s try under the car.
  1. I want you to dance for me while stripping, I will choose the song and what you will remove. Let’s not dull it, I will throw some money too with the green, blue and red light on.
  1. Let’s do skinny dipping in my bathtub 
  1. I became your boss ever since the day you said yes to me. So I command you to come over here and sit on my D. 
  1. Who is your celebrity crush you want to go down on? I promise to dress like him tonight.
  1. I am thinking of making you scream my name all day, I don’t mean to hurt your voice though. 

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  1. I want to be with you but be inside you always.  
  1. Why does dirty talk start with a D? Which of the D do you want right now? 
  1. Do you scream your name when you touch yourself?
  1. I will be mad if I’m not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about s*x
  1. Please tell me you started liking s*xting since you met me. I don’t want to believe it’s been your favorite thing. 
  1. Can I scream my favorite place to kiss you to the whole world? 
  1. Let’s play an intimate dress-up.
  1. If I could fill your mouth and you only have to swallow or spit out until your best friend responds to your text. How long would you wait? 
  1. I was so stressed so I had a quickie with you mentally to relieve my stress. 
  1. I wish I can be at the top and the bottom at the same time during s*x. 
  1. I met a genie in a bottle and I made a wish. I want you to moan for me right now. I just forgot to let the genie know you are not with me at the moment. Please don’t do it in your office. 
  1. I want to have the best-drunk s*x ever with you. 
  1. I woke up this morning wanting to sleep with you. 
  1. I want your ass framed and kept on my desk.
  1. If your ass was my screen lock, I’d kiss it every time I looked at my screen. 
  1. I want to spell your name beginning with an F and ending with K. Oh It makes no sense? I will show you then. 
  1. Need I remind you that you are holding hostage what I should be grabbing onto at this moment? 
  1. I am struggling to hold on to this bumpy ride called life, but I’m glad your boobs are here to aid me. 

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  1. If you could sit on my face all day, as I go about my daily duties, I would appreciate it. 
  1. Are the colors of your panties red, I think my brain just removed one. 
  1. Whose underwear did my brain hang in here? Come here let me help you wear it back. Damn! My brain has no respect. 
  1. Do you know I can speak Chinese? You will know when I get in between your legs. 
  1. You are my dirty little slut but I have something else I want to put in the slot. 
  1. Do you always wear panties? 
  1. Let’s make out till the day breaks.
  1. Is it written to the moon and back or the front and back? Because I will choose the latter.
  1. Do you want to do a rough exercise? My place is the perfect gym. 
  1. I want more than just you, but is your pu*sy a part of you too?
  1. I want to wrap my legs around your waist, I am sorry I meant I want your legs around my waist. 
  1. You are the apple of my eye, so I want the apple on your chest.
  1. I don’t know when you are the most beautiful when you have my seed on your face or when you orgasm.
  1. Do you think we can cuddle for more than ten minutes, with no action? But I’m not speaking for my mini-me. 
  1. Your tongue is magical, and your waist is magical. Are you a magician? 
  1. I just thought if you could spell out my name when you moan. I won’t know else you come over. 
  1. I promise not to destroy your pu*sy but I will make the battle a hard one. 
  1. I will be coming over later, but if you want me to cum I will. 
  1. My fingers, tongue, or my D, you only get to choose three. 
  1. I am sorry I plan to tear your dress when you come, so wear rags, babe. 
  1. You are driving me wild, how could you? When I’m the driver with the key down there.
  1. You are so Assilicious
  1. I want to kiss you tonight. No, I wasn’t talking about you, I’m talking to your panties to let me in. 
  1. I don’t like sweating but I love when you work on me and make me sweat.
  1. I don’t know which melting I want, your voice that melts my heart or your pu*sy that melts at the sound of my voice. 
  1. I had a dream where I said I needed some good head, and you hit me with your head. Do not bring that to reality. 
  1. I am hungry and I want you served tonight. 
  1. I got a new skill, I found out I can undress you with my teeth. 
  1. My motto in life is to have you any time any day. 
  1. You were the last one here. Come check on your baby, it keeps poking in my pants. 
  1. I love some good juice, I am not talking about real juice. 
  1. If I have to fall in love again, I want to fall on your pussy. 


With these 70 dirty texts for her listed above, you can start to make her laugh and turn her on at the same time, and then go with the flow with her responses. This article was thoughtfully written, and it’s sure to have her chuckling and crashing on your bed sooner than you think.