Why He Hides In His Man Cave And Avoids You?

The man cave psychology: how long does a man go into his cave, and how long should you wait for him to come out of his man cave?

Some women complain about how their partner avoids them most of the time without even wanting to keep in touch with them as reasons why men hide their feelings remain a mystery for most women.  

If you have been in such a situation before in a relationship, I am quite sure you will understand this better as we discuss some of the common reasons why your man avoids you even when you’re married to him. 

In most cases, it could not be the fault of the woman, and that is why I have decided to write this article for you to be knowledgeable about the things that could make your man avoid you. 

This article will also help you stay connected with your man as long as you avoid any sort of things that may irritate him and keep him away from you. 

No one wants a sour relationship with their partner nor does anyone want a relationship that will have a sad ending.  

However, if this seems like what you are interested in learning, read through this article to the end to gain more insight. 

7 Common reasons why your man is avoiding you.

Below are some of the common reasons why it seems like your man is avoiding you. I am sure that after now you are going to learn from them and know how to handle such cases carefully. 

1. He finds you boring. 

Most men do not like boring women and likewise the women also this applies to both sexes. 

When a guy finds you boring he may likely start avoiding you by giving some reckless excuses just to keep a distance away from you. 

This is one of the reasons why your man may decide to avoid you.  In other words, for you to find happiness, you must become an active person.  

That doesn’t mean you should be talkative, but make sure you are not the kind of person who shies away from keeping in touch with your partner via communication or whatsoever. 

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2. He needs space.

Don’t freak out if he suddenly stops texting you. It could be that he needs time and space to put himself together again. 

And mind you, sometimes it may only take a matter of weeks or a few months, but before then, if you notice he doesn’t text or call you, as usual, you should play the role of texting and calling him to find out what the problem is. 

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3. He finds you overly needy. 

Most men don’t roll along well with women they find dependent this is because they find them overly needy.  

Women who rely on their men for their every need suffer so much in relationships or marriages as their partners may intentionally ghost them once in a while.  

This is a result of the woman being overly needy in almost every situation and condition.

As a woman, you need not depend on or rely on your man for everything you need as you may unintentionally scare him away from you.  

And this may lead him to cheat on you if he finds another woman who is independent and better than you.  

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4. He is facing challenges. 

It is normal to face challenges in life so don’t bother yourself too much if your man avoids you. It may be that he is facing some challenges that he wouldn’t want you to know about.  

Some men are just like that, they hardly share their pain with anyone else, not even their partner. They can bear pain and face challenges in silence, but at this point, all they need is some space.

5. He is mad at you. 

You do not expect someone mad at you to give you attention. If you offend your man it could be enough reason for him to avoid you in order not to cause harm or conflict in the relationship and this reason is valid.  

Hence, whenever you offend your man, try as much as possible to plead for him to forgive and accept you.  

You could call or text him an apology so he can calm down and you both can talk about it. As easy as it sounds, he will forgive you if you do the right thing by not repeating the offense. 

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6. He is trying to ghost you. 

This can be very painful and irritating and if you have been ghosted before I am pretty much sure you know how disturbing it can be to be ghosted. 

By ghosting you, I simply mean that your man might want to end the relationship either because he finds you boring or he is tired of you. 

He might decide not to talk to you either through texts or calls, but he may not tell you. This can be more painful when you text or call him,  but he doesn’t respond nor does he reciprocate back to you.  

7. He is cheating on you. 

why do men cheat

Let’s spill out the truth. As painful and blunt as it sounds, this can be a valid reason why your man avoids you. If he doesn’t text or call you, as usual, you can decide to find out if he is cheating on you

Most women face this challenge in relationships, and the feeling is unexplainable. Imagine the man you call the love of your life avoiding you all because he has found a new lover. 

Sometimes, you may talk to him and he will listen, but other times he may not listen to you. But in such cases when he doesn’t listen to you, all you need to do is move on with your life. 

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We have come to the end of this article and so far so good we have discussed some of the common reasons which could cause your man to avoid and ignore you in a relationship.  

If you have faced such an experience of being avoided in any relationship I am sure that you will relate better and from this article, I hope that you have learned a lot.  

And for the things you can handle in a relationship to prevent your partner from avoiding you should put an end to them to enjoy a better relationship.